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When is the best time to Seal Coat?

In my oppion I like to have my driveway Sealed in late March Early April,that way the driveway looks great all summer long after recieving a beating from oldman winter.. But we understand not everyone has unlimited funds at all times and may have to wait for what ever reasons.. You can usually get a quality sealcoat job from around late March to late November possibly Dec..depending on temperature and Sealer availabilty in NJ. However, in the beginning and end of the season your applicator will need to keep an eye on a few variables. It's very important that the temperature is above 50 degrees and rising and that there isn't a chance of heavy rain within 24 hours. In the colder months we switch to a coldweather sealer that is rated for 40 degress. A light rain may not damage the coating if the sealer has had a few hours to skin over. Coal tar emulsion sealer is a safer bet early and late in the season, since asphalt emulsion has been known to be a little touchy in colder temps. On a hot dry day (above 90 degrees) the asphalt should be misted prior to sealing, to prevent the sealer from drying too fast and wearing prematurely. It's important that the misting doesn't cause puddles, too much water will dilute the material. So in conclusion try not to wait until December to call us because chances are it will be to cold and the Sealer will no longer be available......



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